Estonia’s production unit runs on green power

Our Lina production unit warehouse in Pärnu, Estonia fully supplies itself with energy – 1065 MW/h produced by the 5940 m² solar roof park covers the needs of the storage. The energy consumption is low due to the state-of-the-art storage facility – it uses on-demand lighting and automated operators. The heating losses are minimized.

Our goal is to become 100% sustainable, and we already do a lot. Our Lina unit warehouse is a great example of our work towards a greener future. We also reuse 93% of our production offcuts and our Lyocell REFIBRATM technology utilizes fashion industry cotton offcuts by mixing them together with wood pulp. That produce Lyocell fibres to our products. We also make sure that our partners keep their word on sustainability, as well as constantly reassessing our own commitments on how to become greener.