Product categories

Quilts & Pillows

Wendre provides quilts and pillows for every need: with different comforts, designs, materials, and functionalities. In our production units in Estonia and Poland, we have a production capacity of 18 million quilts and pillows annually.

Wendre is committed to becoming a champion of the circular economy. We have a collection of pillows and quilts that stand in forefront of this mission – by using them you specifically contribute to recycling, reducing the need to source virgin materials.

Beds & Mattresses

Wendre develops innovative and sustainable bed and mattress solutions. We are experts in merging different frames, slats and fabrics with comfort layers made of fibers, foams and springs, resulting in unique features in designs and functionalities. Innovative designs are combined with a sharp focus of automatization and efficiency in assembly, packing, warehousing and logistics.

Beds & Mattresses are produced in our production unit in Estonia with an annual production capacity of 600 000 items.

Smart about sleeping

Smart about Sleeping is Wendre’s concept name for new innovative sleeping products that work together to create the ideal sleeping environment. Smart about sleeping is not just a pillow or a bed but completely new solutions that help people sleep and feel better.

Example – Pure air Zone Smart Bed

With Pure Air Zone Smart Bed you sleep in a bubble of purified air. This lets your body recover in comfort. The headboard is constantly filtering air you breathe. It creates a breathing zone free from allergens and dangerous extremely small particles. Look how the Pure air Zone Smart Bed works here.

Outdoor furniture

Wendre offers outdoor furniture to customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Our unique assortment is developed and manufactured with selected key suppliers in China and Vietnam. With our highly skilled personnel and partners and we can offer best in class products and services to our customers.

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Wendre offers a full range of services, from product development to production, storage and delivery. Our strict quality, environmental standards and reliable partner network guarantee on-time fulfillment of every order.

Wendre’s in-house development teams create products that meet the highest international quality standards. We are constantly working on making our production even more effective and to create new and exciting products. In addition to quilts and pillows we also supply medical products, infant and children’s products, ergonomic products, mattresses, duvets, pillowcases, and more.

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