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Private label

Wendre is ready to produce sleeping products bearing your brand or selection of brands. If your existing product portfolio needs extension, our product development team can work with you to create the best add-ons.
You provide the brand message, identity, and marketing support; Wendre handles production and delivery.

Quilts & Pillows

Beds & Mattresses


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With decades of experience, Wendre Group provides the best bedding solutions for hotels, ships and public sector.

Since the 1920s we have been designing and manufacturing pillows, duvets, mattresses and beds to meet the most demanding requirements.



Health care



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Wendre Group has three brands: Familon, Wendre and Geska offering different bedding products to different target groups and markets.


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High focus to reduce the ecological footprint

Wendre Group has an enormous responsibility – the sources we use, the way we produce and how our products are used – it all has a big impact on the planet. We are also aware that our actions set an example both for the industry as well as users of bedding around the world. Wendre has the leverage to drive change for the better bedding and sleeping environment.

Our choice of whom we buy raw material and services from and who we are selling to affects much more than our direct actions.

We also make sure that our partners are up to their word – and constantly confirm our own commitments.

There’s a lot that we already do – we have products that use recycled materials, we are reusing our own waste and using solar panel to reduce our energy consumption.

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Wendre offers a full range of services, from product development to production, storage and delivery. Our strict quality, environmental standards and reliable partner network guarantee on-time fulfillment of every order.

Wendre’s in-house development teams create products that meet the highest international quality standards. We are constantly working on making our production even more effective and to create new and exciting products.

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