Wendre Group has an enormous responsibility.  The sources we use, the way we produce and how our products are used, have  a big impact on the planet. We are aware that our actions set an example both for the industry and for the users of our products. Wendre has the leverage to drive change for the better bedding and sleeping environment.

Our choice of whom we buy from and to who we are selling that affect much more than our direct actions. Therefore we also make sure that our partners are up to their word – and constantly confirm our own commitments.

Whether it is plastic bottles, textile off-cuts or wood pulp that we use to produce fibers – they all reduce the need to tap into the natural resources of our planet. For example every year we recycle 121 million PET bottles. But there is still a long way to go – our ambition is to become 100% circular. That means taking care of every step on the way.