Health care



We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing quilts, pillows, beds and mattresses for professional and contract business. Bedding products for hotels, ships and health care are designed with specific requirements in mind. In professional bedding products fire safety, sleeping comfort, durability and easy care are top priorities. In addition, requirements concerning quality, the environment and product safety are always carefully considered and met.

Wendre Group’s brands for bedding contract business are FamilonWendre and Geska. Contract/professional business projects can also be done under your own brand/private label.

Specialized products

Wendre offers niche, specialized products to professional sector. These products are based on our know how and technologies – quilting, sewing, filled products, embroidery, as well as our broad sourcing base. These products include e.g. weighted blankets for hospitals, thermo covers for transporting temperature sensitive items and materials for funeral services, like textiles for coffins.

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