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Wendre offers a full range of services, from product development to production, storage, delivery, and marketing support. Our strict quality, environmental standards, and reliable partner network guarantee on-time fulfillment of every order.

We stand at the forefront of production technology. In recent years, we have invested over 45 million euros in the various facilities to expand the capacity to develop more efficient production methods and to minimize our ecological footprint.



We use the most modern technology to ensure high production volumes and smaller batches at high quality. Constant development coupled with innovative machinery enables flexibility in both manufacturing and packaging, with automation allowing higher efficiency.

Carbon-neutral warehouse

Our Lina production unit warehouse in Estonia fully supplies itself with energy – 1065 MW/h produced by the 5940 m² solar roof park covers the needs of the storage and even spills over electricity to the production unit. The energy consumption is low due to the state-of-the-art storage facility – it uses on-demand lighting and automated operators. The heating losses are minimized.


Product development and Innovations

Wendre’s in-house development team creates products that meet the highest international quality standards. We are constantly working on making our production even more effective and to create new and exciting products. In addition to quilts, pillows, beds, and mattresses we also supply outdoor furniture and diverse niche products.

Our product categories


Wendre is first and foremost a manufacturer, but through years of operation, we’ve created a reliable and effective logistics system. Wendre delivers! Our team is ready to assist you in creating a custom logistical system. Our network of reliable partners guarantees deliveries around the globe. Whether you need just a box of pillows or a full truck of beds, we can work out a logistic system that meets your expectations.

Sales and Marketing support

Wendre can help you in creating packages, messages, and designs for your customers or end users. For the branded products, we offer full marketing support from POS materials to some posts and campaigns designed together with you. For private label products we can offer marketing support upon agreement.